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Meet Paige

Paige is an experienced business strategist. With her extensive background as a virtual assistant she is able to identify pain points, create plans for improvement and help clients achieve targeted business goals.
She has a creative entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for business development.
She currently works with business owners to help improve operations, develop business growth strategies and support digital marketing efforts. She is a self starter, highly motivated and committed to helping clients succeed.

What we do

Paige Online has served over 65 clients with admin tasks, organization, implementing new systems, billing, social media and podcasting.

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Happy Clients

Erin B

"I worked with Paige to help me find an effective pitch strategy to create alignment in podcast interviews. She took into consideration my values, my brand, and my target audience and helped me find and secure podcast interviews that were a perfect fit. I have appreciated her attention to detail, her thoroughness, and her ability to move quickly! It’s been a pleasure to work with Paige and I am already recommending her to other business owners and entrepreneurs!"

Jay Ellison

“One of the best decision I made when I became an independent insurance agent was to bring Paige Ratterman aboard to handle my administrative and marketing efforts. Knowing that she’s handing the day-to-day tasks of updating my CRM, email campaigns, and doing my monthly direct mail lets me focus on building relationships and growing my business. She is organized, detail-oriented and proactive in sharing ways that I can increase the effectiveness of my marketing and other systems. She’s a lifesaver!!”

Jenn J

"She helps us grow the podcast and brings new ideas and is so creative. She helps to keep me on target and on time and is always willing to up everyone's game on a team she is on. I would highly suggest Paige for any company that is looking to grow and would like reliability in a virtual assistant."

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